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Underwater those good times of Leviathan, Depth six and The crack are not going to return no matter how much the William Eubank Underwater of this nice Underwater appeals, more than to them and to a past where Abyss and (of course) Alien, the eighth passenger, can get on their beards it was quite a declaration of principles, to an audience that is definitely not for these things anymore. Underwater also does not seem to really believe in its underwater obstacle course and long distance race and fills it with ecologist messages that were already precisely the weak points of James Cameron’s Abyss, or of an alleged feminist egotrip of a Kristen Stewart more lost here than in Toxic last resurrection of Charlie’s Angels. Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley could still teach the listless Kristen some good lessons, though perhaps she understood Underwater as the way to make her ex Robert Pattinson’s wet competition on High Life. She or she understood that she was in another movie that Underwater thankfully (for those nostalgic for Abyss exploits) is not.

Series B that everyone, starting with their production company (or production companies), wants to sell as A, all the underwater places in the film are there to fan the fire of those who enjoyed, and are still willing to do so, with abyssal catastrophes (echoes to Red Alert: Sunken Neptune are evident), a group of survivors transiting the bottom of the ocean as any self-respecting explorer did on land waiting for the tribe of murderous indigenous people or the Predator threat to touch and not cheating on their body count and on your final discovery of where and why. Underwater, with its dirty aquarium photography and its multi-room claustrophobia, with its lost patrol formed by stereotypes (only Vincent Cassel builds a character without disheveled, and without becoming intense like Stewart) and its creatures from any comic strip from the mythical 1984 or Zone 84, is no more (no less) than the forgotten Odyssey under the sea (Daniel Petrie, 1973) as a fish tank to immerse ourselves in a finally adorable adaptation of The Call of Cthulhu, the essential short story by HP Lovecraft. Or is not R’lyeh the place where these underwater castaways are heading with relentless video store determination?

Duration: 95 min


IMDb: 5.8