The Vanishing
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The Vanishing

The Vanishing the disappearance of the three guardians of the Flannan Islands lighthouse shortly before December 15, The Vanishing 1900 permeated the popular imagination and cast its shadow through time, inspiring, decades later, a narrative cycle for the television series Dr. Who, in the time of Tom Baker, a chamber opera and a song that the Genesis group preferred to keep in their archives. The enigma spurred all sorts of conjecture, which did not disregard neither the phantasmagorical nor the extraterrestrial interference, but, in his first feature film, Kristoffer Nyholm, who was second unit director of Breaking the waves (1996) and assistant director in the very vindicable The boss of all this (2006), before turning to Nordic television noir, preferred to propose his own response to the void without invoking the intangible.

Keepers. The Lighthouse Mystery, co-written by actors Joe Bone and Celyn Jones, incorporates a trace of a pirate tale, yet contains every temptation to indulge in the sense of wonder intrinsic to the adventure genre. The film wants to make it clear from the beginning that seduction (of the viewer) is not among its priorities: this remote Scottish island has, in the end, come to suffer like its trio of interpreters – Peter Mullan, Gerard Butler, Connor Swindells-, which their respective characters seem to weigh like a sack of stones tied to a body thrown into the sea. Two of them bring to this isolated purgatory their corresponding burden of guilt from home; the third, he will plunge into madness under the obsession of not transporting a (moral) stain back home. Nyholm and his cast play a rough game and play by his rules. Another thing is that it motivates the public to contemplate how those souls are consumed.

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IMDb: 5.8