Sea Fever
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Sea Fever

Sea Fever the Sitges Festival, which began on October 8 and will conclude on October 18, continues its journey with a good Sea Fever level of genre films. In fact, the festival is reaching a very high level in terms of its programming. Today, the day begins with “Relic”, by Natalie Erika James. It tells the story of an absolutely wonderful house -which one would like to buy- where absolutely everything happens. Everything, everything. Fear in its purest form. It is a non-stop suspense that leads to very well done horror. A film that I highly recommend as soon as it is released in theaters.

The second film of the day, also of the genre is “Possessor uncut”, by Brandon Cronenberg, directed by the son of David Cronenberg. In this film there is an organization that uses brain implants for people to comment on murders. A thriller, at times, dazzling, that has received applause throughout the film and especially at the end of it. Also recommended.

For its part, highlights “Sea Fever” (“Contagion on the high seas”), the first feature film by Neasa Hardiman. It tells the story of a marine biologist on an Irish fishing boat and crazed sea critters begin to appear and kill the crew. At the same time, they find an abandoned ship where it seems that everyone has committed suicide … It is a film, like its companions, highly recommended.