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Replicas keanu Reeves is a true movie survivor. After having lived through a period of glory in his youth and going back with Replicas the Matrix phenomenon, he went into the background for several years, from which he knew how to resurface thanks to John Wick and, shortly after, become the coolest uncle on the planet after his passed through E3 2019. But of course, in all this time it has also taken more than one false step, such as Réplicas, this science fiction film that now occupies us and that came directly to Spain on the video-on-demand platforms (the April 26 to Movistar +, Vodafone TV, iTunes, Google Play, Filmin and Rakuten TV), despite having premiered in 2018 in other territories.

The story of Réplicas presents Will Foster (Keanu Reeves), a man from a prestigious biotechnology company with an ambitious goal: to transfer the consciousness and memories of a recently deceased human to another body. At first, he tries it by carrying out that transfer to a robotic body, but when his wife (Alice Eve, Star Trek: Into Darkness) and children are killed in a terrible car accident, he decides to forcefully advance his investigation, cloning them of clandestinely and transferring the memories of those corpses to those clones.

Broadly speaking, that is the plot of a science fiction film that addresses certain subjects that, of course, give food for thought. Would it be moral to clone humans in some context? How would we feel if we were “transferred” to a different body? Do we have the right to manipulate people’s memories under the guise of helping them overcome trauma? They are interesting ideas, but unfortunately they are planted in a tremendously superficial way in the film, especially by a protagonist who seems to be incredibly comfortable making decisions this sharp.