Redemption Day
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Redemption Day

Redemption Day one of the pleasures of anticipating an Ali Suliman performance is knowing he’ll bring depth Redemption Day and complexity to every role. His character in “200 Meters,” a father of three taking huge risks to get to his son in the hospital, doesn’t expand his repertoire, but it gives the movie its heart. The film may not always be quite as successful in imbuing all roles with the same kind of unaffected three-dimensionality, but debuting writer-director Ameen Nayfeh’s depiction of the shameful hurdles Palestinians must overcome in their daily lives rings true even when the script falters. Part family drama, part road movie, the film — which landed the audience prize in Venice Days — works best when drawing out how one man’s story is a reflection of a collective experience, and should find welcoming audiences at festivals and showcases.

Mustafa (Suliman) is a freelance construction worker, a loving husband and father of three, and a man of principles. His wife Salwa (Lana Zreik) lives with their kids in an apartment just inside the wall dividing Israel from the Occupied Territories, while Mustafa maintains a place with his mother 200 meters (219 yards) on the other side, within sight of each other. He could obtain a permit allowing him to live in Israel, since his wife and kids are Israeli citizens, but he’s unwilling to play by rules he considers illegitimate, so instead he uses his work permit to get jobs and spend regular time with his family. Salwa’s tired of the back and forth, of her husband not being present, which leads to occasional outbursts invariably subsumed by the tenderness of their rapport.

Duration: 99 min