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Max Cloud

Max Cloud some films demand a willing suspension of disbelief, expecting audiences to put aside quibbles of what’s plausible, Max Cloud probable or even possible. Roseanne Liang’s “Shadow in the Cloud” parts ways with credibility altogether. This insanely entertaining high-altitude horror movie — set almost entirely aboard a gremlin-infested WW2-era B-17 bomber — asks you to check your internal B.S. barometer on the runway, then takes off into murky skies, testing the limits at every turn. Hardly a minute of the movie registers as “realistic,” but that hardly matters, since Liang so fully commits to its over-the-top sensibility that you’ll be clutching the armrest and grinning with glee for most of the ride.

“Shadow in the Cloud” takes place in 1943, the same year Roald Dahl published “The Gremlins” and Warner Bros. released “Hare Raising,” a Merrie Melodies cartoon in which Bugs Bunny struggles to keep a cute little pest from crashing his Air Force plane into the ground. The movie kicks off with a similar Allied Air Force training film, a retro-style animated one-reeler warning pilots of the risk of such aeronautical nuisances — only the gremlins featured in this safety video aren’t nearly so adorable.

Duration: 88 min


IMDb: 4.6