I Kill Giants
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I Kill Giants

I Kill Giants earlier in the year, the uncomplacent Indiewire critic Eric Ehrlich published a surprising I Kill Giants article in which he indirectly threw a small rebuke to the world of film criticism (and commentary). It all started with a tweet, one of those impatient and feverish ones, in which the journalist assured that he deeply hated the movie I kill giants. He had just seen it first at the Sundance Film Festival, which was hosting the film’s presentation that afternoon. A few hours later he received an email from the director, Anders Walter, who, when he got off the plane on the way to the contest, had found his comment on social networks. “It only took four years to finish this project and people already hate it before they even see it.” He didn’t mean it sourly, but sadly. Ehrlich was shocked, and decided to sit down and talk to Walter face to face. He still did not like the film, but he learned something valuable: behind a film there are work, illusions and people who deserve more than a derogatory comment and devoid of arguments.

This anecdote is the first thing I remember when I finally see I kill giants, the first film by the North American filmmaker that has premiered exclusively on Netflix Spain. Not that it is relevant to what can be said about it in the next few lines, but it is certainly a story that can, and should, make us reflect on lightness with the ways in which critics and users refer to certain films. Based on the graphic novel by Joe Kelly and J.M. Ken Niimura introduces us to Barbara (Madison Wolfe), a preteen who lives between reality and fantasy. That is, between her plight at her house and her heroic adventures against the giants who threaten to destroy the city. Though a seemingly easy target for high school bullies, the young she doesn’t let anyone trample her. She’s not the underdog nerd – she’s the self-proclaimed hero in her story.

Duration: 106 min


IMDb: 6.2