Happiest Season
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Happiest Season

Happiest Season since its launch on Hulu on November 25, Clea DuVall’s Happiest Season has been welcomed as a new Happiest Season queer classic that puts a new spin on the conventions typical of the Christmas rom-com genre. In the film, Abby (Kristen Stewart) and Harper (Mackenzie Davis) are a happy couple, and in fact, Abby is making plans to propose to her girlfriend on Christmas Day. But their relationship begins to have problems when they both visit Harper’s family over Christmas, and Abby learns that they still think Harper is straight … because she has never come out of the closet with her family.

While trying to keep up the lie, Abby is relegated to the basement and forced to act like she’s Harper’s platonic roommate. Happiest Season also stars Aubrey Plaza, whose character adds a complicated layer to Abby and Harper’s relationship; For while Abby resents being a secret, she forms a friendship with Riley (Plaza), who was forcibly taken out of the closet by Harper in high school: after someone found her love letters, Harper denied their relationship and betrayed Riley, explaining that the letters were the result of Harper’s lesbian obsession with her. Due to the women’s shared experience with Harper and their undeniable chemistry, many fans were quick to say that the movie should have ended with Abby and Riley together as a couple.

Duration: 102 min


IMDb: 7.0