Ghosts of War
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Ghosts of War

Ghosts of War the war itself is already a horror story, but when elements of horror are added to the war narrative, it can create a unique Ghosts of War experience, as did OPERATION OVERLORD by director Julius Avery and producer J.J. Abrams in 2018. GHOSTS OF WAR is a B-movie that takes some risks, starting with WWII soldiers and their Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder leading them to a haunted Chateau and ending with an unexpected twist that will work for some, but for others it will be a all the more reason to hate the movie. It almost seems like writer-director Eric Bress (The Butterfly Effect, 2004) built a story upside down from this twist, because even if certain supernatural elements can stop it, they’re not what you’ll think of when the movie is over.

One of Bress’s strengths comes with the cast: He has put together five faces that you might recognize from younger, more innocent roles, and that are compelling to see here as men who have quickly matured from the war experiences that devour them. It’s strong enough that you don’t care about some archetypes, how Skylar Astin (Eugene) is the brains of the operation, as indicated by her glasses, and how the references she makes to philosophical concepts are experienced right after mentioning them. Then there’s Brenton Thwaites (Titans) as Chris, the main soldier we follow through this nightmare, whose biggest problem might be that he doesn’t have much of a background. All of them are good, especially the sniper Tappert played by Kyle Gallner, whose grim, tired look hints at a complete character, all during a long monologue about a horrible memory.

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IMDb: 5.5