Escape From Pretoria
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Escape From Pretoria

Escape From Pretoria this is how Tim Jenkin (72) remembers the achievement of events in 1987: he launched the book Escape From Pretoria Escape from Pretoria about the escape from the prison that he starred in eight years earlier, a day later a London newspaper made an extensive note about the publication and the next morning “ three, four or even more film companies appeared and said they wanted to make a film, ”he recalls in a video call with Culto.

Various setbacks caused it to take more than three decades for the first adaptation of his experience in the midst of apartheid to be made: convicted in 1978 for his commitment to the black population and his work in the operations of Nelson Mandela’s banned party, the African National Congress (ANC). , for its acronym in English), 18 months later he fled Pretoria Central Prison with two companions using only keys made of wood.

On the first proposal to make a feature film, Jenkin explains from Cape Town: “Just two weeks before the film was made, one of the main funders said that he wanted to remove most of the politics (from the plot). So they wanted to make it a technical escape, and we couldn’t allow it, because at that time apartheid was still in power and we needed to make a very strong political statement. “

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