Eighth Grade
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Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade Joseph Donia is the head of the theater department at the Thousand Oaks Institute, located in the town of the same name, Eighth Grade just over an hour’s drive from Los Angeles if traffic is mild. He took office 37 years ago and, according to the school website, he intends to continue in it until he sees how his own son graduates in 2019. This brief description of character could also be that of thousands of educators around the world, but Mr. Donia – as her students know her – has an honor that few count on: having been insulted on American mainstream television. “Mr. Donia, from the Thousand Oaks Institute, screw you, ”exclaimed a 27-year-old filmmaker looking directly into the camera from Jimmy Kimmel’s show, one of the most watched late nights on the grid. The presenter, torn between the uncontrollable laughter and the rush at the expletive, tried to soften his speech. “Nah, he’s old and close to retirement,” replied Bo Burnham, director of Eighth Grade, the most critically acclaimed film so far this year and the latest major phenomenon in the independent film industry. . Why is the Hollywood fashion figure attacking an anonymous teacher on full national television?

Elsie Fisher is an actress. He has been for a decade, although he is only 15 years old. Her first job, and contribution best known to the general public, is to have provided the voice of the character of Agnes in the Gru saga. My favorite villain. That “it’s so soft that I want to die” she said first. Now she is the big star of Eighth Grade, a film that follows a shy student who struggles to be popular in the last week of school before making the jump to high school. Fisher finished that course a week after filming ended. In her freshman year of high school, she auditioned to be a cast member of the center’s annual theater performance. Despite her impressive resume, she was not considered suitable for any role, not even to give life to the typical Tree 2. Today Fisher is classified as the revelation interpreter of the year in Hollywood and her name appears in the early Oscar pools for the best actress. Thanking her for her 37 years of service to art and culture, it may be time for the coordinator, who goes by the name Joseph Donia, to rethink her future. Before, at least, that the next time they remember their work again is not on a late-night show, but on stage at the Dolby Theater.

Duration: 93 min


IMDb: 7.4