Brittany Runs a Marathon
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Brittany Runs a Marathon

Brittany Runs a Marathon although it has not been in theaters, ‘Brittany runs a marathon’ is one of the brightest Brittany Runs a Marathon films of the year, and can now be seen in the Amazon Prime Video catalog. A full-fledged ‘feel good movie’ that won the Audience Award at the last edition of the Sundance Festival. The reasons are clear: the film by Paul Downs Colaizzo appeals to a feeling of frustration of a stage in life channeled with a protagonist, hilarious Jillian Bell, who finds the solution to her vital uncertainty by deciding to run in the New York marathon. A purpose so seemingly irrelevant (not easy) will cause a whole tsunami of reflections on her own life and, above all, on how important it is to love oneself. Perfect for a double marathon with ‘Isn’t it romantic?’ from Netflix.

Downs Colaizzo, who was inspired by the true story of her best friend to bring this story to life, has received a good deal of praise from the North American press, highlighting the warmth, emotional depth and charisma of a debut feature that, unfortunately for its international visibility does not have any stars. And actually, for what she intended, it was a wise decision. “I wanted the viewers to feel that they have seen a mirror between themselves and the world they live in, that they see themselves in the main character and that they can take everything they have witnessed, their sympathy and empathy, to transfer it not only to themselves, but to the people who sit next to them in the movie theater, “said the director in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

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IMDb: 6.8