American Satan
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American Satan

American Satan it may surprise many, but Satanists do not worship Satan. In fact, they don’t even believe it really American Satan exists. Perhaps that is the biggest ‘plot twist’ of ‘An American Satan’, the documentary directed by Aram Garriga that has been presented at this 52nd edition of the Sitges Festival, and that takes us into a world that many believe is cursed, but that, actually, it’s more like the positivist ideology of Mr. Wonderful or a self-help book with high doses of sexual liberation. “Satanism is an atheistic philosophy that uses Satan as a symbol of pride, individualism and freedom,” explains the Great Priest of the Church of Satan, Peter H. Gilmore, who will end up being the main narrator (or, rather, conceptual guide) of the film, as one of the largest representatives in the United States of what is known as “the first carnal religion.”

What many understand by “satanic” is far from this idea of ​​personal emancipation and search for inner well-being. We have seen in many films (especially horror) the misdeeds of satanic sects, terrifying rituals and sacrifices in the light of the moon, but that is only a collective image created, according to some interviewees of the film, by the Catholic community with the aim of tainting the name of their religion. Be that as it may, the Church of Satan (the current one, at least) has nothing to do with these bloody and spiritual spectacles, and much less with the worship of evil beings that inhabit hell.

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