After We Fell
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After We Fell

After We Fell In the Doug Liman-directed Locked Down that premieres today on HBO Max, Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel After We Fell Ejiofor play an estranged couple ready to call it quits if not for being shackled to their flat like every other Londoner by Covid. They co-exist uneasily and only find a spark when they hatch a daring plan to heist a diamond from Harrods before it is delivered to an overseas despot. Hathaway and Ejiofor are the stars, but the third lead in the Steven Knight-scripted film is the global pandemic that since last March that has overtaken every element of our lives and caused nearly 2 million deaths around the world. It continues to be hard even to go shopping, but imagine crossing the ocean to make a feature film in a country that had strict lockdown curfews and rules. Here, Liman explains how he and cohorts pulled off this heist movie and how an adventurous spirit that included his wild solo flight from Massachusetts to London in a single engine plane — has helped raise his courage for Liman’s next movie adventure. That’s the one where he and Tom Cruise will go into outer space to shoot a film aboard an Elon Musk SpaceX capsule.

DOUG LIMAN: It really started as a fantasy, at least for me. We were locked down in July and Steven and I said, what if we wrote a movie to shoot in September in London? It was an outrageous fantasy, but no more outrageous than the characters onscreen fantasizing about robbing Harrods. Because of the pandemic and the lockdown, we had time to indulge this fantasy. It wasn’t like we had pressing social plans or parties to go to, or anything else. We were just…home, and for me at least this was a fun escape to imagine what this movie might be.

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